Community-Driven Project

means we are ready to help our members to participate in our mission -                             .          . Not only, we help

people to create a professional look online shop, but we also give our team & our studio to create and to edit

your                                                    and to compile a                                                                    to promote the product /shop

On top of that, all those are completely 


Welcome to Uncover Bali

At the moments, we cater the product that can hold on the road around 3-4 hours on the road during the delivery. 

Online classes or even documents of people can easily access it after the purchase.

What can you find in Uncover Bali ?


Online or offline conference/coaching service and anything that requires booking service. We can help

Knowledge or experience - sharing community that customer can subscribe. Thus, it's a perfect for people who love sharing in such regular updates and get paid.

Join #balidirumahaja

& share your busyness at home