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Word of mouth is still and will be the most effective in marketing

Nobody is born to sell, but everybody is a storyteller. What we help is for them to tell stories that sell

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Old School - Word of Mouth
New Strategy - Build a Community

Hook - Story - Offer

Hook is what your Instagram followers are curious to know more about what you do or who you are. From the link on Instagram Bio or from the link on your Instagram Stories, it directs to your profile site at uncover platform that can lead the followers to join your community

Story is your exclusive community - where you can improve the relationship inside more private room where people are filtered to be more curious to know more about your brand.

The successful community reflects trust.

Offer is "Take my money" moment - how you can monetize from trust of the relationship into promises. The successful offer gives a dream for them to use or to tell more people how good it is.

The followings are the form of offers in this platform:

Recieving Gift

One-Time DEAL • Delivered straight after JOINED

Digital Voucher

Downloadable Products



Online Workshop

Transform your experience and knowledge into online community where one regular exclusive contents every week is worth to what your customers pay every month

This is a Low Ticket

Helping Hands

Personalized . SERVICE  •  HIGH  TICKET •  Expensive

Special Event
Premium Member

They are your sales agents

The trend of social media will eventually into one post with engaging information that gives the combination of entertainment and also inspirational at the same time.


Video is the solution.

Tips & tricks is the easiest form of entertaining and inspiring video  It can uncover personalities, stories & secrets that makes unique from one account another. That's what this platform is going to help people to maximise their social media to communicate with their followers with video tips


Visit here to see some of our communities to illustrate of how we use video tips in our Instagram

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