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Community & Online Platform

Bali with most people living to rely on tourism might probably be the most affected place in the world due to the pandemic situation. Thus, go online is the only sustainable option. Uncover Bali team uses their experiences in content-making and community knowledge to provide an e-commerce platform for everyone in Bali to sell confidently by verifying them with stories into Bali community I Choose Bali, giving them a professional shop presentation with personalized customer service in mind and also providing content-making system to grow online business uniquely to be easily to be found. The future ambition is to build a marketplace "The First Stop" of everyone to look for Bali.

The buyers and the sellers are then part of the growing community of "Bali helps Bali", because the ambition by giving this platform for everyone in Bali a chance of helping their fellow people in Bali to do business in sustainable way of less relying on tourism.


The Founders


Wiki Lee & Ilona Lee

This duo has been working together

non-stop over 17 years, 

ever since they were married.

They both started their journey in Sydney, Australia, where they both were graduated in computer engineering and major in e-commerce respectively. 

Then their passion with people's story brought them to work as storytellers in wedding industry.

The career led them to the life with full of travel around the world and also moving the bases time to time.


They are blessed with 3 kids and finally call Bali their forever home now since 2019.

Meet the team


The E-Commerce platform is designed for Bali businesses & professionals to sell products (new & used), services (online/offline) & building online community with membership facility. Every seller are trusted and verified by

I Choose Bali.


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