Diving Into Vegan Lifestyle

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Finding The Reason

As many of us know already that the reason some people going vegan are mostly for health and ethical reason. But experiencing those reasons on your personal level could really help you not to be tempted into straying from diet plan or we could call “cheating”. An eye-opening situation is sometimes needed to find the reason to be a vegan and keep sticking to it.

“I wasn’t a vegan before. Then I watched a documentary movie called ‘dominion’. I learned a lot about the animal slaughter and the industry that never be exposed to regular people. How cruel what the industry do to those animal. From there, it triggered my heart to be a Vegan” Christian, Owner of Manggis in Canggu, A plant-based restaurant.

For Christian, the learning of animal slaughter in the food industry is enough to open his eyes not to take the meat-eater road anymore. Although before he was a heavy meat-eater. Even then, he extends his value of vegan through his vegan restaurant.

Experimenting what’s food is best for you could also lead you to the veganism path. Some people believe that vegan diet is the best diet for their body from experimenting.

"My health is the most important thing to me. I dont think eating meat is a good thing for me. I dont think going to junk food restaurant is the best thing to do. I dont think there is going to be a lot of nutrients there. All those nutrients you can get are from plants, fruits, veggies, and nuts. Those are the only things I need.“ Dani, a virtual assistant.

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