The Best Place to Start Something New

Diperbarui: 18 Agt 2020

Have you ever had that itch to do something you have always wanted? Have you ever had the thoughts that you would regret stuff you did not do when you were younger? Would it be ashamed if one day you were old and you thought “hmm, I might be able to be an actor if I dared to try back then”? But then you were already old and you would never know if you could actually be an actor. Well I’m pretty sure every people in this world have these things they always dreamed of. Either it’s a job, a place to live, or even a girl to marry. But not every of them are brave enough to take those chances. I don’t blame them. It is scary as fuck. There are so many questions would arise, such as how if I am going to fail?, can i really do it?, or any other self-doubting questions. While some places are harder to start scratching that itch but some places are actually easier. In this article we will discuss on why Bali is the best place to start those things you have always dreamed of.

You Are Taking The Leap of Faith

“How do I know I’m Spider-man?” Asked Miles Morales.

“You won’t. That’s how it is Miles, leap of faith” Answered Peter.

Miles takes the leap. He didn’t actually let go — not all the way. He’s still afraid. His brain is telling him that jumping from this height will kill him. And yet, he jumps.The camera is upside as Miles is falling , But from that angle we can see he doesn’t look like he is Falling...He is Rising. As quoted from Spider-man: Into the Spider Verse movie.

This is almost every case of people who starts a successful career here in Bali. She (Bali) will force you to face your problems from the exact first day you landed your feet here. Some people even had the roughest first weeks of their life. But when you decide to accept everything that happened and face your problems there is going to be a huge personal development.

“Because you are not relying on your comfort zone anymore. You are at a country where you don’t know anyone, don’t know the language, don’t know the culture, don’t know what’s going to be like and you are forced to survive from the leap you took. That’s the trampoline of growing.” Selina Dey, Videographer.

Room for Experiment

Of course there would be a lot of obstacles but those obstacles don’t seem as big as if you did it on your home country. First thing first you already are not at your home environment. There are no people judging you not to take that 9 to 5 jobs. You would actually be surrounded with the people who have similar mindsets. Therefore, it is easier for you to start experimenting and trying to figure out who you are. Also here in Bali there are a lot of sources you can gather. From natural abundances until the services of the people who is very much easy to be accessed. Just like Christian Hauser, A motion designer, He always had this idea to start a clothing line for 15 years. He never thought of it because there was certain barriers that made him think it’s quite impossible to do it without certain things. But when he was in Bali he found a lot of accesses to tailors with reasonable prices and the barriers of making a clothing line he had suddenly vanished. He knows that he actually can start making it happen here. Even if he failed he wouldn’t lose as much if he did it in Germany. Everything is more convenient here, easier, and more room for experimenting.

Bali facilitates you

What can I say for this? I genuinely think you can find anything here, literally. Either you are planning to go on vacation, to look for who you are, to have a wedding, or just a change in your life. Bali has it. The varieties are stretching from an under 10$ accommodation to a luxurious thousands of dollars villa per night, from a hundreds USD a month backpacking to a live like a king kinda spent, from eating a real local Balinese food to even a dish from your home country, from a beach party vibe to a secluded mesmerizing waterfall. The activities you can do here are also varied from a total holiday vibe such as chilling by the beach, hiking up the mountains, exploring secluded waterfalls, binge bar-hopping night to the whole day working vibe in comfy co-working spaces. You can enjoy it either going solo trip, with your partner, with your family, with your mates, or even find a person who will go on adventure with you along the way. Bali facilities are more than enough. especially for those who works creatively .

“Here in Bali has a lot of villa has a middle eastern theme, If we want savanna looks like in Africa we can go to south, If we want to feel like in switzerland we can go to the Tamblingan lake, If we want cold environment we can go to the north at mountains. She is small but varied.” Rizky Satari, Content Creator.

The energy makes you more productive but less stress

“I think because I feel so much more relaxed here I can come to the point where my workflow is better and easier. Because I’m not surrounded by negative thoughts. Here I feel relaxed, I have to do this today, I will make it, and Ok it’s done. It kinda works for me. Again Bali effect” Astrid Veld, SMM.

This is definitely one of the reasons why Bali is a hotspot for the digital nomads. Somehow it creates a less stressful environment which eventually is able to make you get more things done. No wonder why because in the workplace, it is often assumed that employees who are more satisfied with the physical environment are more likely to produce better work outcomes. This statement has been proven by several research which basically say it is very clear that indoor environments in an office has a great influence on employees‘ attitudes, behaviors, satisfaction and works performance (Kamarulzaman, 2011). And here in Bali, there are a lot of options which environment you would like to get for each day. One day you could go to a kinda office-like working space, the other day you could go to a nice and chilly cafe, or you could just go to the beach and hop in to one of the stall there to do your stuff.

Huge chance to do networking

As I said in the previous point, Bali is a hotspot for the digital nomads. The environments, the vibes, the lifestyle attract them here. With that being said, a huge network of people who works creatively is automatically created here.

“Here for me it’s really good to get to know a lot of people, to create network. When you go to cafe and you start talking to people, they are so interesting. Those people broke free from the rat race. Some people are still stuck in the some kind of rat race here, but the fact is those people are people who dare to think out of the box. That helps you to think more outside of the box. A place like Bali is a centerpiece for people who wants to live a creative live. You will find people who want to do the same thing as you.” Nico Verssen, Mind Coach.

Networking is a very first step towards a success for your career. Here in Bali you will meet people you need to get where you want to. The best thing is, they also need you in a way to get where they want to. So collaborating is kinda a thing here in Bali. This kind of network definitely helps you to reach your objectives.

Series of fortunate events

Acceptance is the first step to be able to live here. Some people may not act the way you expect them to be, some places might not as good as you see them in the social media, even some of your plans might not work as you planned it to be. But those are the lessons that Bali will teach you. Once you start accepting on what is happening, surrender on what may happen, and still be respectful on what Bali gives you, series of fortunate events will eventually come on your way.

“Bali will accept or kick you out. Whatever it is. I hope what the people do here either the locals or the foreigners. Don’t forget the roots where we came from. Every time we want to do something ask yourselves ‘Is it going to destroy the nature?’,‘is it going to the destroy the humans around me?’,‘Is it good for me and others?’ and just dont forget about a greater force out there. I think if we think about those 3 aspects Bali will still be and will still have that magic for you” Lana Abidin, Businesswoman.

I think the people who have been here understand what she is talking about. For you the one who is still wondering What the hell is the Bali Magic need to try it yourselves.

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