The book was published by Wiki Lee, the founder of Uncover Bali. He is a wedding photographer and also captured many weddings in Bali. His experiences in documenting weddings is over 15 years when he wrote the book about wedding planning. The book is specifically designed to plan weddings in Bali.

It starts from the information "Why Bali is the perfect wedding destination" to his knowledge sharing as wedding storyteller of "how to make memorable weddings"

Madeline swimming lesson

  • The file format is in PDF


00:00 - 00:10 footages like happy and with a lot of smiles

00:11-00:18 Give us the topic text

00:19 - 00:35
footages/photo that interact with the nature

00:36- 00:50  change the text that share more about what the audience to click to know more

00:56- 00:59 your funny photo




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