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Let us help you of what to say!

The good video that's memorable must consist of elements that's personal supported by professional visual that's able to give confidence. We can try to cover the visual aspect but we must learn how to embed the personal information in the video. Therefore, please take time to record yourself via video/audio/text to help us better. The recordings then may also be useful during the production we 

Disclaimer: The team will decide to use the given materials

We need at minimum 2-3 minutes of recording so we can have someinformation of what to 

The followings are some guidelines to help you to prepare what you want to say or to write.




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The following video tutorial is designed to guide you to prepare what you want to say or to write


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Thank you for taking the time to record yourself. We'll work hard to understand your request.

In order to start working on this, we must receive your confirmation that the request meets

our policy and terms. 

Once you have agreed, the process for us to complete up to 14 days (or sooner). We shall be

in touch with you through your inbox by providing the url and the link of the download




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